A walk with poverty

Most people that I see on the street begging I completely despise as they ask me for money. I believe that most of them are using the money for drugs or alcohol. I feel somewhat guilty about this as I compare my own lean times, very lean times to their despair. I wish I could find the real people in need, the people in a spot because life just caught them in a bad place. I have been in that bad place a few times, once after getting fined by OSHA and the second time after setting out with an invention. There were times when I could cry because things were so bad. There just was not any income coming in due to intellectual investment or lack of cash flow to manage what I started. My work with job creation and the concepts behind it were highlighted by my own struggles. While I knew I was extremely intelligent and and talented in many areas I did find myself in extreme poverty. My position was not due to my laziness it was a matter of a change of status. I went from being a boss to being an unemployed common man. When I went on interviews it was like talking to a wall. The interviewer was overwhelmed by the number of applicants and I was a bit older and more savvy than most. I learned quickly to dumb myself down and to remove most of my experience from my resume. As I had paid people $40 dollars per hour in the past I would have been happy with $10 per hour . Instead I was paid $75 per day to mix cement all day by hand. It was hard working for someone. I worked very hard but it truly seemed that I could not make any of my bosses happy.

When I see illegal immigrants standing on the corners I admire them and wish sometimes that I was one of them. They have such a positive attitude like nothing can get them down. They have recently organized across New Jersey demanding a minimum of $120 per day . I have to laugh because I could never find that pay when I was looking for work.
Being poor is not a sin and not being able to find a decent job is not a sin either. Instead I may think that it is the cross that we bare for a reason. This hardship forces us to see the positive the possibilities.

So when a person asks you for money on the street should you give it to them? I say no, I say think harder and find out why the demand for labor is so low. I have a lazy friend and economist, that says that the entire idea of everyone working is far fetched, He claims that with technology all labor will have to be expected to be displaced eventually, Technology he says is moving so fast that it is inevitable. I think he is wrong and I hope he is wrong. I drill down to the family when I think of work. It is always about the family. I stick by my ideas that all societies must have near full employment. The solution to poverty is work and the solution to jobs is an open mind, a fair society, and investment in outside the box ideas.

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Bradley Beach police Harrassment

Phase two when Doris get her oats? Nothing is better than small town harassment. Not even 24 hours after the sump pump episode the Bradley Baech police department phoned me at 9:00 pm and asked if I was home. I told the dispatcher that I was not happy to hear from her but asked what this was in reference to. I was not home at the time and I asked if I should have an attorney with me. I asked if I was going to be arrested. The dispatcher said she did not know. She asked again if I could meet the officer and I told her that they could contact me during regular business hours. She put me on hold and then said O.K. I called back when I did get home and told her that if the officer wanted to meet me I was in the front of my home. She responded that the code enforcement officer would contact me tomorrow.

When the Police decide to abuse their powers it may be subtle.

Clearly Bradley Beach Police like to intimidate me and other people. Too bad I do not drink or do drugs. They would have a field day. Me …well I guess it is time to run for Senator.

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Bradley Beach sump pump Patrol, Bradley Beach Police

Last night I worked chasing leaks until 10:00 pm and I was pretty tired. It was great just to get home and have an opportunity to lay down and fall asleep. The rain had been strong all day and I was drenched. Wow what a day. It was not too difficult to fall asleep due to my activities.

Of course the Bradley Beach Police would have no part in my rest this evening as they called me at 11:30 to tell me to answer my front door as they had officers that wanted to speak with me. Startled I went down and opened the door. The officers, 3 of them including a Sergeant were there to tell me that my sump pump was pumping water out of my basement and that there was a puddle, it seemed on my neighbors property. Now of course it is raining heavily and that puddle might have been from the rain. At the door one officer was suggesting nicely to me that I should put an extension on my pump , I said I would not do anything now, and closed the door. He wanted to me to come outside and see the puddle. I said good night and closed the door.

I do not think that the Police have the right to knock on my door for a puddle and I also do not think they should be tending to the complaints of civil matter.

I believe that if I knew that there was a puddle the next morning via the neighbor I would have immediately corrected the issue. We had over 4 inches of rain. I tried to go back to sleep but ended up going outside in the rain and adding another extension.

I really do not want to live next to these crazy neighbors anymore and I think this policing in America has gone too far. The Police could have called me and informed me to correct the problem . They did not need to get me to the front door or to cause a scene.

Bradley Beach Police are just a symptom of America today as we enter the “Police State” mentality.

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Who is at the door?

Tonight I was trying to get some rest on my couch when a couple came to my door. I was damn rufe to them saying who is it loudly. I told them to call me tomorrow. I was half sleeping half scared it was another search. Either way I was in my underwear under the covers.

Just call me please 732-995-3914.

Mark Nejmeh

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Community Christmas Party in Bradley Beach All welcome

I will be welcoming all to my home for a Christmas Party 7:30 pm. I hope that we will have music and dancing with some Christmas Caroling as well.December 21, 2012 we will celebrate the end of the Mayan Calendar with some Xmas Mexican style. Please stop in for a drink or to dance a little.
Do nit be shy. Please join me at my home 414 Newark Ave, Bradley Beach, NJ 7:30 PM

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The basis of failure .

is a time challenge.. Sometimes failure is success. It is time that measures from hindsight as the true effect becomes more clear. I refer to where our country is right now. I have always said that politicians are corrupt because we are corrupt.I hold my ground on that thought. If we are not wiling to change then the change will change us in ways we are not comfortable with.

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The next shoe to drop. It will be an O_BOMB_A

The Jersey Shore has suffered what many of us in the construction trades knew would happen eventually. Many of my fellow tradesmen are descent statisticians and we have discussed the probability and we were waiting for this moment. This is not a good thing. Although the thought of big government makes you feel comfortable and it seems the waves at the beach are flowing with green dollars take a closer look. We have been promised that there would be a full charge by FEMA to resolve the issues from this storm. The notion seems appropriate but you really cannot promise money for recovery while at the same time discuss the fiscal cliff and severe budget deficit. Many contractors that have been out doing estimates will tell you that anyone with flood damage is not covered . This will bring forward the people with their hands wide open just like Oiiver Twist asking for more oatmeal. The issue is that there ain’t no oatmeal. It is amazing how the winds have seemed to blow away the reality, all the unemployment woes and US GDP woes. But listen here you will see how this all ends up as one big O_Bomb_A.

A robust economy would have helped this crisis but it seems that the political will of the voters keep sending the same old people to Washington all thinking that they will get their share of the mystery pie. I pity the next two years for the Jersey Shore because I am sure it will be wrought with corruption and with sorrow as many will be helpless. Surfs up man and so is the crisis and lack of common sense.

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74 votes for Mark Nejmeh ? Not sure about that.

I did not think that I would win this election but I am sure I had much more than 74 votes. I really do not believe the results and you should not either.

Mayor Bradley Beach Boro (Non-Partisan)
4/4 100.00%
Under Votes 198
Over Votes 0

Vote Count Percent
- Wayne Edward May 75 4.83%
- Harold Cotler 649 41.79%
- Mark Nejmeh 74 4.76%
- Gary Engelstad 739 47.59%
Write-In 16 1.03%
Total 1,553 100.00%

Mark Nejmeh

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