A Republican, a Democrat , and a Priest walk into a Bar.

The Priest sits at the bar and orders a beer. The republican orders a soda, and the democrat orders a cup of tea. The Priest says to them both. Hey don’t you drink? The republican answers , very seldom, I am conservative and I am for what is right. The democrat answers , very seldom, I am liberal and dedicated to regulating most things.

The Priest smiles at both of them.

Both men mysteriously excuse themselves to the bathroom at the same time.

The bartender comes over and asks the Priest “Where are your friends” ?

The Priest answers and says , “Oh my son. They are both full of Sh.. and they know it. They both deal with it exactly the same way”

Ha ha, that little parable explains where we are in the political arena today and yes I wrote myself this afternoon.

Please take the logo and use it for your campaign

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