A walk with poverty

Most people that I see on the street begging I completely despise as they ask me for money. I believe that most of them are using the money for drugs or alcohol. I feel somewhat guilty about this as I compare my own lean times, very lean times to their despair. I wish I could find the real people in need, the people in a spot because life just caught them in a bad place. I have been in that bad place a few times, once after getting fined by OSHA and the second time after setting out with an invention. There were times when I could cry because things were so bad. There just was not any income coming in due to intellectual investment or lack of cash flow to manage what I started. My work with job creation and the concepts behind it were highlighted by my own struggles. While I knew I was extremely intelligent and and talented in many areas I did find myself in extreme poverty. My position was not due to my laziness it was a matter of a change of status. I went from being a boss to being an unemployed common man. When I went on interviews it was like talking to a wall. The interviewer was overwhelmed by the number of applicants and I was a bit older and more savvy than most. I learned quickly to dumb myself down and to remove most of my experience from my resume. As I had paid people $40 dollars per hour in the past I would have been happy with $10 per hour . Instead I was paid $75 per day to mix cement all day by hand. It was hard working for someone. I worked very hard but it truly seemed that I could not make any of my bosses happy.

When I see illegal immigrants standing on the corners I admire them and wish sometimes that I was one of them. They have such a positive attitude like nothing can get them down. They have recently organized across New Jersey demanding a minimum of $120 per day . I have to laugh because I could never find that pay when I was looking for work.
Being poor is not a sin and not being able to find a decent job is not a sin either. Instead I may think that it is the cross that we bare for a reason. This hardship forces us to see the positive the possibilities.

So when a person asks you for money on the street should you give it to them? I say no, I say think harder and find out why the demand for labor is so low. I have a lazy friend and economist, that says that the entire idea of everyone working is far fetched, He claims that with technology all labor will have to be expected to be displaced eventually, Technology he says is moving so fast that it is inevitable. I think he is wrong and I hope he is wrong. I drill down to the family when I think of work. It is always about the family. I stick by my ideas that all societies must have near full employment. The solution to poverty is work and the solution to jobs is an open mind, a fair society, and investment in outside the box ideas.

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