Mark Nejmeh , Hometown, New York, NY, Birthdate April 1, 1960 Etnicity: Syrian, Mexican

My mission is to live life to the fullest while trying to bring positive energy and change to the world.

I have become an economic activist by accident. I observe financial markets and the economy very closely and intend to publish my perspective here on this site. I also intend to use this site as a way to express my opinion on a variety of life and society issues .  I recognize that I am just one man but I believe that I can indeed make a difference. Economics, financial markets, technology and social issues are not something anyone should ponder over lightly. The world is complicated today and all of these subjects are effecting every part of our lives. We are propagandized continuously today by a misdirected media.  I hope you enjoy my perspective, please evaluate and respond in comments. If we all maintain our own perspectives and act according to our own beliefs society has a greater chance to collectively be a greater good for the greatest number of people.  I am just alive now to do my part and break up the flock mentalities that I see as destroying the best for America . I am a heart attack survivor and this is my second chance.

My favorite subjects include 1,2, 3 , and

Lacrosse                             Building, Roofing and construction innovation                                                     Economics

Financial Markets          Start-up Businesses                                                                                                            Technology

Physics                               Renewable energy                                                                                                              Travel

Love                                    Relationships                                                                                                                       Journalism

I am always interested in my own success as well.

I have created the following businesses:

ContinentalRoof.US Shoeraffle.com RealRoofers.com

Magkinetics.com Realroofer.com GoodSolar.com

GoodWindmills.com               Feetonthestreet.us Jobcreation.us

Savethecash.com Filmthevan.com                                Newsbox.us

Yingada.com                             Zingada.com                                        MaterialCapital.com

Mrjobcreation.com                Liftamericaup.com Laxdin.com

Haveanother.us                       Fidgetroom.com                                Benchpresscontest.com

Atomflux.com                          Atomwatt.com                                   Construxuo.com


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