Bradley Beach police Harrassment

Phase two when Doris get her oats? Nothing is better than small town harassment. Not even 24 hours after the sump pump episode the Bradley Baech police department phoned me at 9:00 pm and asked if I was home. I told the dispatcher that I was not happy to hear from her but asked what this was in reference to. I was not home at the time and I asked if I should have an attorney with me. I asked if I was going to be arrested. The dispatcher said she did not know. She asked again if I could meet the officer and I told her that they could contact me during regular business hours. She put me on hold and then said O.K. I called back when I did get home and told her that if the officer wanted to meet me I was in the front of my home. She responded that the code enforcement officer would contact me tomorrow.

When the Police decide to abuse their powers it may be subtle.

Clearly Bradley Beach Police like to intimidate me and other people. Too bad I do not drink or do drugs. They would have a field day. Me …well I guess it is time to run for Senator.

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