Bradley Beach sump pump Patrol, Bradley Beach Police

Last night I worked chasing leaks until 10:00 pm and I was pretty tired. It was great just to get home and have an opportunity to lay down and fall asleep. The rain had been strong all day and I was drenched. Wow what a day. It was not too difficult to fall asleep due to my activities.

Of course the Bradley Beach Police would have no part in my rest this evening as they called me at 11:30 to tell me to answer my front door as they had officers that wanted to speak with me. Startled I went down and opened the door. The officers, 3 of them including a Sergeant were there to tell me that my sump pump was pumping water out of my basement and that there was a puddle, it seemed on my neighbors property. Now of course it is raining heavily and that puddle might have been from the rain. At the door one officer was suggesting nicely to me that I should put an extension on my pump , I said I would not do anything now, and closed the door. He wanted to me to come outside and see the puddle. I said good night and closed the door.

I do not think that the Police have the right to knock on my door for a puddle and I also do not think they should be tending to the complaints of civil matter.

I believe that if I knew that there was a puddle the next morning via the neighbor I would have immediately corrected the issue. We had over 4 inches of rain. I tried to go back to sleep but ended up going outside in the rain and adding another extension.

I really do not want to live next to these crazy neighbors anymore and I think this policing in America has gone too far. The Police could have called me and informed me to correct the problem . They did not need to get me to the front door or to cause a scene.

Bradley Beach Police are just a symptom of America today as we enter the “Police State” mentality.

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