Bradley Beach, NJ Tenure for Public works super

Last night I attended a meeting at the Bradley Beach Borough Hall. The topics of discussion were varied from a new bid for providing electricity , advancement of a police officer and some labor issues.
Please see attached documents in pictures below.

Congrats Bradley Beach, NJ you just dished out a new benefit to Richie Bianchi. Now you can not fire him. He does a good job today but is tenure appropriate for a public works superintendant? If so do not plan on that job being available anytime in the future . Also do not plan on your son or daughter getting hired unless you pay tribute to this political power.

This document may not have been legally prepared as it does not inform the residents where they can read the law and the document is unclear. A visit to the front desk of BB offices earlier in the yielded the comment “tenure” “it did not make the agenda”

Bradley Beach, NJ Tenure announcemet for Rich Bianchi

When laws like this are passed we have entered the world of political corruption.

  Are we having fun yet? Get involved because the  tree rots from the roots. So in this little seaside town the politicians find it totally legal to issue an ordinance that gives bonuses and tenure to a public employee. This is ridiculous! For the record Dr Cotler tried to table the vote. He did not vote yes for tenure, Mr Englestadt also did not vite yes for tenure. Bravo to them both, Wayne May spoke and supported the tenure since the Bradley employees are not unionized. I Mark Nejmeh was strongly opposed.


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