Clearing the brush.

I just want to say thank you to all the people that allowed me to participate at the debate for the Bradley Beach, NJ meet the candidates. I was so impressed with all the candidates comments and thoughts. I sense such a sincerity of the candidates.  I ask you to vote for me so that I can clear the brush for Mr Emglestad and Dr Cotler . There are some very tough decisions to be made and it takes someone that is strong enough to stare down the personalities that have been holding back fairness in Bradley Beach, NJ. I am the person that is strong enough to clear this political brush. Let me do this for your town

I hope you will vote for me and I hope you understand that you have tremendous men that stand in front of you with the absolute highest integrity. I am proud to have sit at the same table with  all 3 of them. I admire Mr Englestad, Ms. May, and Dr Cotler.

Please meet me on November 3, 2012 and ask your candidates to attend. Unfortunately I have heard that Dr Cotler is on call that day. Please have someone from his campaign there to pass out flyers. I hope Wayne May and Mr. Englestad will speak to the crowd. Thanks again for letting me participate as a candidate its been a very interesting few weeks.

Please use your phone and tell people about this important event.


Mark Nejmeh

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