Enough Political B.S. … and the lights went on

I cannot listen to this political BS anymore on television. I also cannot believe people would actually complain about the great service we have received from Jersey Central Power. Now 12 hours after the electric has gone on, some of you have not finished doing your laundry but you are still angry at the electric company for taking so much time to repair miles and miles of electric grid. I did not like sitting in the dark especially since I live alone but I still realized the significant amount of work that needed to be done to bring back normality.. I mean I was running out of walls to talk to and all I could think of was getting a dog soon so that I would never have to suffer through this alone feeling again. I hope you can also find some time to say thanks to the many people that have reached out to help you all and just stop complaining. These stupid political shows are only your mirror image that try to blame men totally not responsible for the weather. I feel bad for Governor Romney, President Obama, and Governor Christie, they all are in a tight spot but I for one can see that they did their best.

Please vote with some intelligence this coming Tuesday and start to fix your own attitudes on life, This way the political shows can have more substance.


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