Good Night Bradley Beach.

I guess this has been an exhausting week for everyone and to top it off we basically have a gas shortage triggered by the storm and some hoarding from fear. I have seen a great deal of citizens and learned from many . I have read peoples faces and I have a good idea of how you will all vote. Once again I will say that I have enjoyed being part of this election. I have patiently sifted through the suggestions and persuasions presented to me, Fortunately the Sandy storm helped us all see where our priorities should be,

I know in our town we do nit have a string enough response for the handicapped and seniors, I know that we have little coordination for volunteers. I know that people in our small borough actually would volunteer if they had this coordination, What I know most though, is we do not know each other. This storm has dragged us into a pile atop one another, Before we all walk away and forget who we have encountered. I thought we should all just say goodnight for old time sake.

Good night Julie.
Good Night Lenny
Good night Irene
Good night Mr Quigley
Good Night Mrs Riley
Good night Dr Cotler
Good night Wayne May
Good Night Rich Bianchi
Good Night all of you and nice to meet you all. I hope you remember me as I will remember you.

Buenas noches amigos, y gracias por tu ayuda

Good night John Boy

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