My life did not start until I moved to the Jersey Shore

This evening Saturday October 27. 2012 I walked 9 hours through the streets of Bradley Beach, NJ on the south end of town. Today n particular I was lucky enough to meet some of the Eastern European intellectuals that live quietly in Bradley Beach, NJ . I had some great conversations with them as they spoke of what they experienced through life . We discussed in brief Stalin and Tito  and the subject of corruption and socialism. House by house I have been welcomed and educated of the concerns in Bradley Beach, NJ and beyond.

I have been tested and teased and complimented and it has been all good. Families with children and without children taking equal concern with the political process. I was even told by a few young boys , “Hey I have heard of you” . That made me extremely happy.  When I was a kid I was quite aware of politics and already analyzing why social and  military issues seem to always collide with downturns in an economy. I always recognized that fuel and food shortage and deficits collided as well. I was a weird kid, constantly concerned with my fathers future . It was by the age of 6 years old that I decided to be an entrepreneur and a great boss.

Having a heart attack was probably the result of accomplishing way too much before 40 and doing too much was probably a big mistake.  Fortunately my children have been great medicine for my life and nothing can challenge the joy I find in their intelligence, their hard work, and of course their smiles.   Unfortunately I failed at marriage but I have been the absolute best father by my daughters grading. I moved to the Jersey Shore because the fondest memories I have had in my life have been with my family on our boats that we had docked for years in Monmouth Beach at the Channel Club. I was lucky enough to get a few contracts for re-roofing the Asbury Paramount theater, Monmouth Beach school, Neptune High School , Tom’s River Schools and some private works. I have been so lucky in my life.  My business career has been robust and a target for many competitors with some political pull. I have faced down many attacks but have not been able to keep my family intact . I have seen how some bad people can manipulate regulation and I have seen how being subject and a  regular of controversy and on the front page of local and National business sections of newspapers can effect a family. In a very big way I am glad I am alone now. My family is there and I am here. I am a cowboy at the beach.

They say that everything for a reason. I would not change the course of my life even if I could . I know I gave 100% every day just the way my kids do now.

I came down to the Jersey Shore in a van that I bought for $20 and I stood on the street with illegal aliens for a days pay more than once in my life. I am in the right place , I am here for a reason. The Jersey Shore has saved my life. Nice to meet you all.

me and just me

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