Good Night Bradley Beach.

I guess this has been an exhausting week for everyone and to top it off we basically have a gas shortage triggered by the storm and some hoarding from fear. I have seen a great deal of citizens and learned from many . I have read peoples faces and I have a good idea of how you will all vote. Once again I will say that I have enjoyed being part of this election. I have patiently sifted through the suggestions and persuasions presented to me, Fortunately the Sandy storm helped us all see where our priorities should be,

I know in our town we do nit have a string enough response for the handicapped and seniors, I know that we have little coordination for volunteers. I know that people in our small borough actually would volunteer if they had this coordination, What I know most though, is we do not know each other. This storm has dragged us into a pile atop one another, Before we all walk away and forget who we have encountered. I thought we should all just say goodnight for old time sake.

Good night Julie.
Good Night Lenny
Good night Irene
Good night Mr Quigley
Good Night Mrs Riley
Good night Dr Cotler
Good night Wayne May
Good Night Rich Bianchi
Good Night all of you and nice to meet you all. I hope you remember me as I will remember you.

Buenas noches amigos, y gracias por tu ayuda

Good night John Boy

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Enough Political B.S. … and the lights went on

I cannot listen to this political BS anymore on television. I also cannot believe people would actually complain about the great service we have received from Jersey Central Power. Now 12 hours after the electric has gone on, some of you have not finished doing your laundry but you are still angry at the electric company for taking so much time to repair miles and miles of electric grid. I did not like sitting in the dark especially since I live alone but I still realized the significant amount of work that needed to be done to bring back normality.. I mean I was running out of walls to talk to and all I could think of was getting a dog soon so that I would never have to suffer through this alone feeling again. I hope you can also find some time to say thanks to the many people that have reached out to help you all and just stop complaining. These stupid political shows are only your mirror image that try to blame men totally not responsible for the weather. I feel bad for Governor Romney, President Obama, and Governor Christie, they all are in a tight spot but I for one can see that they did their best.

Please vote with some intelligence this coming Tuesday and start to fix your own attitudes on life, This way the political shows can have more substance.


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My life did not start until I moved to the Jersey Shore

This evening Saturday October 27. 2012 I walked 9 hours through the streets of Bradley Beach, NJ on the south end of town. Today n particular I was lucky enough to meet some of the Eastern European intellectuals that live quietly in Bradley Beach, NJ . I had some great conversations with them as they spoke of what they experienced through life . We discussed in brief Stalin and Tito  and the subject of corruption and socialism. House by house I have been welcomed and educated of the concerns in Bradley Beach, NJ and beyond.

I have been tested and teased and complimented and it has been all good. Families with children and without children taking equal concern with the political process. I was even told by a few young boys , “Hey I have heard of you” . That made me extremely happy.  When I was a kid I was quite aware of politics and already analyzing why social and  military issues seem to always collide with downturns in an economy. I always recognized that fuel and food shortage and deficits collided as well. I was a weird kid, constantly concerned with my fathers future . It was by the age of 6 years old that I decided to be an entrepreneur and a great boss.

Having a heart attack was probably the result of accomplishing way too much before 40 and doing too much was probably a big mistake.  Fortunately my children have been great medicine for my life and nothing can challenge the joy I find in their intelligence, their hard work, and of course their smiles.   Unfortunately I failed at marriage but I have been the absolute best father by my daughters grading. I moved to the Jersey Shore because the fondest memories I have had in my life have been with my family on our boats that we had docked for years in Monmouth Beach at the Channel Club. I was lucky enough to get a few contracts for re-roofing the Asbury Paramount theater, Monmouth Beach school, Neptune High School , Tom’s River Schools and some private works. I have been so lucky in my life.  My business career has been robust and a target for many competitors with some political pull. I have faced down many attacks but have not been able to keep my family intact . I have seen how some bad people can manipulate regulation and I have seen how being subject and a  regular of controversy and on the front page of local and National business sections of newspapers can effect a family. In a very big way I am glad I am alone now. My family is there and I am here. I am a cowboy at the beach.

They say that everything for a reason. I would not change the course of my life even if I could . I know I gave 100% every day just the way my kids do now.

I came down to the Jersey Shore in a van that I bought for $20 and I stood on the street with illegal aliens for a days pay more than once in my life. I am in the right place , I am here for a reason. The Jersey Shore has saved my life. Nice to meet you all.

me and just me

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My meeting with Pat Allen and Rich Bianchi

This morning at 7:30 a.m. I had a meeting with Pat Allen and Rich Bianchi. It began as a heated conversation from a very upset Pat Allen. It seems an Ocean Ave Resident took what I said about Pat Allen owning numerous rental properties in town and holding a public works position and reported back to Pat Allen with a few minor embellishments. I suppose it had the intended effect as Pat was quite upset. I most respect how Pat explained first how he is a regular guy that simply loves his wife and family. He explained to me that he is handling fines from the state on his rentals and but no fines from the city.

I respect a man that gets in my face and explains his position. Pat Allen did this.

I want to say that I felt it quite appropriate that Pat Allen confronted face to face like a man should.  I found his furor composed and NOT physically threatening but firm. We talked and he said that I should never mention his name again while campaigning. I responded that I have an issue with the way rental properties owned by some people in town seem to operate under a double standard in respects to code enforcement. I explained to him that it does not look good that he holds a position for public works and yet is a major developer in town.  I explained to him that I think it is a major conflict of interest.  I explained to him that he is indeed part of the political system that operates in this town. He responded by saying that his development efforts yields $24o, 000 per year to Bradley Beach, NJ.  I told Pat that by this evening October 24, 2012 there would be a blog regarding our conversation.  (In a direct message to his wife I want to explain that a family is always to be together with love and through all controversy. Family is forever this is ….but… a moment)

In steps … Rich Bianchi to our conversation, We chatted briefly about the electric needs for the November 3, 2012 Job Creation – Foreclosure rally. Rich and Pat both agreed that I should make a $50 donation to the town to cover the cost of the electric, I agreed as the rental of the generator would be at least that.

Our conversation continued as I felt I should talk straight forward to the people that I have been criticizing during the campaign.

Rich explained to me that his family has been in the town for 100 years. His family started a store, his family is on the Police department presently and . He also explained that Public Works is the core of this town. He explained that at least 30 people told him after the “meet the candidates ” evening event told him that they thought I was angry and that this would not work in this town to get elected.  I explained to both Rich and to Pat that I indeed do have a problem with the way the city is run and that once I began campaigning and digging into the political mechanics of this little town more information came my way. I explained that I call it as I see it. What has happened to me in this town has apparently happened to others.  Rich Bianchi responded and asked me if I knew who the police chief was in Avon , NJ. I told him no. He said I should know that the Mayors son is the Police Chief and understand that all these small towns operate the same way. I told him that any town that practices nepotism and cronyism (playing favorites) is wrong and erodes freedom and the rights of people. I briefly explained that I do believe that this effects civil rights and  freedom especially with the way Police operate. I explained that the fourth amendment in particular was an issue . Richie oddly responded that he has 50 guns in his home. I responded that I support the second amendment as well. Richie said to me that I should not mess with the Police because they spread the word across all communities in the area and beyond. Richie “Cops stick together”. I guess I should take this as a threat?  He asked what I was going to do with the Police. He said that the Chief runs the Town and that The Mayor has nothing to say about it. I responded that I disagree.  I also told Rich that I did not agree with the Police disregarding the fourth amendment of the constitution, He responded by saying that Bradley Beach is not a town for undesirables. He commented that there are shootings all around us within a quarter mile. His comment was that “these people  bring guns into Bradley Do you know what kinds of people pull into the Hess Station? “  I responded that regardless of what is happening the fourth amendment must be obeyed by the police.  I did not at the moment feel any fear to Rich Bianchi’s statements.

Among some intellectuals that I am friends with they often point to the fact that people don’t realize what they are doing they are just inept .

Rich left and drove away. Pat and I continued our conversation and he explained that Rich is a perfectionist , he likes everything perfectly clean and in order. He explained to me that you cannot mess with public works. I told him that I started this campaign complimenting Rich on the great job he does in keeping things in order. It was the tenure application that put a flag on the public works department for me. I also told Pat that I planed to cut 20% of the payroll of the public works department.  Pat said that it would never have a positive effect on this city to cut people in the public works department.  Our conversation quickly reverted back to my comments on him in the community. I further explained that I felt that his operation as a contractor and as a public works employee was the flag I see here. I recommend to Pat Allen to step down from public works and to focus on his private investments and to be a contractor but he should not do both because it does not look good. He had no comment to that but acknowledged that it looked bad …he agrees but that all the employees at the Public works department have two jobs and work from cutting grass to cutting trees and everything in between.

Pat please feel free to comment on this blog

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Life goes on

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Clearing the brush.

I just want to say thank you to all the people that allowed me to participate at the debate for the Bradley Beach, NJ meet the candidates. I was so impressed with all the candidates comments and thoughts. I sense such a sincerity of the candidates.  I ask you to vote for me so that I can clear the brush for Mr Emglestad and Dr Cotler . There are some very tough decisions to be made and it takes someone that is strong enough to stare down the personalities that have been holding back fairness in Bradley Beach, NJ. I am the person that is strong enough to clear this political brush. Let me do this for your town

I hope you will vote for me and I hope you understand that you have tremendous men that stand in front of you with the absolute highest integrity. I am proud to have sit at the same table with  all 3 of them. I admire Mr Englestad, Ms. May, and Dr Cotler.

Please meet me on November 3, 2012 and ask your candidates to attend. Unfortunately I have heard that Dr Cotler is on call that day. Please have someone from his campaign there to pass out flyers. I hope Wayne May and Mr. Englestad will speak to the crowd. Thanks again for letting me participate as a candidate its been a very interesting few weeks.

Please use your phone and tell people about this important event.


Mark Nejmeh

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