The next shoe to drop. It will be an O_BOMB_A

The Jersey Shore has suffered what many of us in the construction trades knew would happen eventually. Many of my fellow tradesmen are descent statisticians and we have discussed the probability and we were waiting for this moment. This is not a good thing. Although the thought of big government makes you feel comfortable and it seems the waves at the beach are flowing with green dollars take a closer look. We have been promised that there would be a full charge by FEMA to resolve the issues from this storm. The notion seems appropriate but you really cannot promise money for recovery while at the same time discuss the fiscal cliff and severe budget deficit. Many contractors that have been out doing estimates will tell you that anyone with flood damage is not covered . This will bring forward the people with their hands wide open just like Oiiver Twist asking for more oatmeal. The issue is that there ain’t no oatmeal. It is amazing how the winds have seemed to blow away the reality, all the unemployment woes and US GDP woes. But listen here you will see how this all ends up as one big O_Bomb_A.

A robust economy would have helped this crisis but it seems that the political will of the voters keep sending the same old people to Washington all thinking that they will get their share of the mystery pie. I pity the next two years for the Jersey Shore because I am sure it will be wrought with corruption and with sorrow as many will be helpless. Surfs up man and so is the crisis and lack of common sense.

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