Why music matters …..tomorrow

There are men and then …there are men. So many men with so many ambitions and drives.

The angles to life that they take can shape or disfigure a world. All of their actions , they feel, will create template to the future. but in fact they are a by product of the reality of the music.
Musicians create the calendars and they are recording where we are today in their studios or basements . The Jersey Shore has brought together warm hearts and walked the broken hearts to the beach of breezes and of calm yet it’s the songs that will play those memories. Everything else does not matter.

I have seen time change and I can only remember with fondness through the music that has played too often in the background as a “by the way”. Hail those people that have taken the time to listen, Hail those people that have understood the time from the outside or was it really the inside?

Here today involved in it all. Is it worth it? Do we shape it or do we disfigure it? To whom have we forgotten , to whom do we inspire?

Only in time the music will know, for its not the control of time that the music plays for, it is the recording of everything else that makes you remember where you were when that song played.

When the front row is available and there is an up close opportunity, in a way you feel you can hear it all…..think….not now , but why and where, because that music is really traveling so far. So listen up and don’t think you were there because it plays everywhere.

Is the music playing now? If so bring it forward because I think it is time to listen , time to listen to the words of wisdom. Where are the words of wisdom on the Jersey Shore? I want to hear them because they will be so much smarter than today… because they are tomorrow remembering yesterday. And we need that now.. before its too late

Bring back the music to the Jersey Shore. Not what I heard. but what they would have heard tomorrow of yesterday.

This is what will change the world.

Don’t miss it.

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